Dylan Patrick

HOS·PI·TAL·I·TY/ hÄspi’talitÊ

 Noun:  The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers

Welcome! My name is Dylan Patrick.


I was born and raised in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and it was here that my love of photography began to take shape. My experience in the hospitality industry also began at a young age and has continued in various forms until now. I began to move into hospitality photography in New York City, and after living there for ten years I now find myself in Los Angeles, where I am continuing to make beautiful images for amazing places. Early experiences building custom homes helped to develop my eye for architectural photography, and living in two of the greatest cities in the world has helped to keep me inspired.

While working in the bar industry in NYC I got my most in-depth look at what hospitality is, and what it means for a business and their customers.  It was a short time after this that I started my photography business and I saw the hospitality industry as one that was constantly in need of dynamic images, and I felt that I understood why.

Hospitality is an industry that craves excellence, and perfection. It warmly embraces people of all types and backgrounds to provide the best possible level of service to their clientele. It’s an industry that supports creativity and artisitc expression from so many different sources, including the architects that design a property, the interior decorators that choose a color palate and style for the space and the lighting designers who work to set the perfect mood.

Photographers capture the essence, design, and character of your space and visually bring that directly to your customer in a way that they can feel.

This is what Dylan Patrick Hospitality Photography is solely about. My goal is to provide you the level of service that your customers require from you. We will deliver beautiful 5-star images that showcase the best your spaces have to offer, and capture the essence that makes you and your space unique. I’m on the forefront of technology in the photography world, utilizing the latest equipment, with a trained eye, to deliver simply the best images possible, while constantly pushing the limits of my creativity.

I look forward to working with you soon!





Photo above-right by Matt Leitholt

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